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Guernsey Ruts by Jocelyn Moore

GUERNSEY RUTS I trudge beside my few belongings, cast-iron pots, china, clothing, tucked in my wheeled home, straining oxen yoked as one. Wet, cold, hungry, determined as sedge grasses cut my cotton skirt and seeds fill damp, thin leather shoes, … Continue reading

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Butterfly Backpack by Jocelyn Moore

Emerging from its self-spun grave, a Lazarus called forth. It feels the breeze of warming air; adventure speaks, “Go north!” As wet wings dry their crinkled folds, preparing for first flight, And life moves in its tiny cells, it orients … Continue reading

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The Last Tree Standing by Jocelyn Moore

Alone I live on rocky hill, my silent dreams within I’ve stood here eons watching life, the sun’s warmth on my skin. From tiny seed I’ve grown in height now towering eighty feet. I’m home to wood land beings, sheltered … Continue reading

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