The Protestant Reformation – 500th Year Celebration! Deborah Hoffmann


By Deborah Hoffmann

On this beautiful late summer day, of course, my first visit was to the Cathedral for the noon organ concert.  Built in the 11th to 13th century and is said to have been founded by Charlemagne.  It was here that Zwingli began preaching his reform ideas in 1519.

The modern colorful stained-glass windows are the work of Augusto Giacometti 1932.

The original Zwingli statue has been removed from the Wasserkirche where he gazed towards the Lake of Zurich in the shade of a great tree. He is being treated to a healing from rust.  Meanwhile the city has created a series of Zwingli copies occupying special places in Zurich, each with its own message for the Present day citizens.  Overlooking the Limmat below the cathedral is the white Zwingli Bishop who would like to be remembered as the great Reformer.  Beside him is a silver Zwingli carrying a bag of plastic trash he has collected and is really cross about the careless citizens.

On December 6th, all of the Zwinglis will be auctioned off for charity.  I hope somebody from Wildhaus in the Toggenburg will come, as that is Zwingli’s birthplace. The ancient wooden house (1484) is a small museum, and it would be fine to have a statue in front of the church!

In front of the Landesmuseum stands the turquoise Zwingli with a large clock.  He is amazed at how stressed the citizens are and asks them to slow down and be more philosophical about life.

Zwingli would like to be remembered for modernizing and humanizing the church.

But unfortunately during the battle of Kappel on Albis he was murdered by  those who considered him a HERETIC!


webmaster’s note:  A big thank you to our intrepid writer, Deborah Hoffmann!  Her quick wit and discerning eye always provide interesting perspectives to the reader!

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The cats and the kittens were left to dream,

Of chubby mice and milk and cream.

The humans depart in great anticipation,

Wedding invitations in hand and filled with elation.

To witness the vows of Prince Harry and Meghen.

This day will be memorable, sunny and green.

They join the crowds in all their elegant outfits.

Ladies hats, unsurpassed in brilliance, are hits!

In St Georges Chapel the excitement, is filled with expectation,

The Bride arrives, her gown of simple beauty causes sensation!

Royal children with flowers and holding her veil, so sweet,

Prince Harry’s smile of love shows as they meet.

Their smiles of happiness are a joy for all to see.

And are mirrored by everyone all through-out the day,

As they follow the service the singing and the vows they say.

Then they happily depart and greet the Windsor crowds with a wave.

And they joyfully kiss under the flowers in the nave.

The cats and the kittens are quite unaware,

But the world knows the celebration of love was quite rare.

May we wish them a long & great life filled with success,

For doing fine things to be proud of, we expect no less!


Our dear resident poet/humorist, Deborah Hoffmann, commemorates the beauty and pageantry of the recent royal wedding.   An active octogenarian,  Deb turns a keen eye on her surroundings in both Zurich and the world!

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THE TROPHY by Muffy Walker

I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but the $1000 prize money sure was tempting. I’d be able to pay off my credit card AND have money left to over to take my wife to dinner.

I worried though, could I keep it down, would I barf, what if it was poisonous, venomous or lethal? I looked around at the other contestants, all still alive and breathing. I decided to go for it.

The acrid stench in the room of others’ vomit made my eyes water and my mouth dry. The hairs on my arms and back of my neck stood at attention waiting for me to take the challenge.

I looked at the morsel in the bowl; long and thin, dark brown, almost black. It seemed to defy me to take a bite. I felt the bile rising in my throat and swallowed hard trying to visualize the trophy awarded to me.

Warily and with great trepidation, I reached for the repulsive tidbit. It was small; it would be fast I told myself. Saliva collected in my mouth and once again I heaved as I thought about what it would feel like slithering down my throat.

Enough’s enough, I convinced myself, now or never. I picked up the creepy Arthropod and slipped it quickly into my mouth. Its bristly legs repulsed every nerve in my body. Shuttering, I swallowed as hard as I could extricating every last drop of saliva to force it down. In a last ditch effort; it dug its tiny feet into my tongue and tonsils as I swallowed over and over again forcing it down my throat.

The muscles in my esophagus contracted as each of the 1000 legs made their way to my stomach. Halfway there, I groaned, – now I had to keep it down for a minute and a half.

Retching could not be an option. I’d come this far, now I had to win. Ninety seconds seemed like an eternity. My stomach rebelled, rolling and churning begging to be free of it.

86, 87, 3 seconds to go, 88, 89, 90!  The bell rang and I was named the victor!

I wonder if Survival Island is in my future?


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