Congratulations Olga!

Olga Bogachek, contributing member of the Writing Women of Zurich, recently had her seminal essay on grief published in THRIVE GLOBAL. The link to her story, entitled “Finding Words for Grief,” is here: Olga captures the angst and pain of losing a loved one in today’s modern world which hasn’t the means or insight to deal well with death.

Take a look. You’ll be touched and uplifted.

THRIVE GLOBAL is an online website dedicated to helping businesses and their employees build healthy habits through inspirational storytelling and active Microsteps to help navigate challenging times with less stress and greater resilience.

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Congrats to Lorraine Curran-Vu on her recent publication!

Congratulations to Lorraine Curran-Vu for publication of her poem, Interloper,  in the online literary magazine, INVICTUS A Spark In The Dark.

Partially re-printed here, however, for her full text and cunning conclusion, please visit the original publication website:

Here you are again.
All too familiar to me

Not on cat‘s paws,
But rather on lion‘s claws
Digging into me, not letting go…

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WHERE IS MY BROTHER? by Daniela Agostini

The hostility is so thick

I can’t breathe


I remember the time

we fought

side by side

in the civil war

to abolish slavery

white man, black man

brother beside brother

you died in my arms

Where has that time gone?


Today I cry:

Please, Please I can’t breathe

the brother that once held me

today, holds me in a choke hold

Mama, I cry

I can’t breathe

Where is my brother?



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