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The Spiderman by Ellen Marie Magee

Tommy was extremely careful. When the stuffiness of the room forced him to open the window, he took great care not to disturb the spider’s web which was anchored to the outside sill. He would say a quick apology to … Continue reading

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Blogging in Wyoming

When I returned to Wyoming from Zurich, I left behind creamy chocolates, tantalizing breads, tram rides, shimmering lake views as well as foreign voices and phrases. But what was most meaningful in Zurich, and heartbreaking in their absence, were the … Continue reading

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Writing Women of Zurich

This blog began quite simply – women gathering at the American Womens Club of Zurich to share writing ideas and samples. We all had a common goal: to become a better writer, blogger, author, poet, etc. Under the tutelage of … Continue reading

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