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My Colors by Debra Danz

Back in the days when I was just a caterpillar, I wrote a romantic novel with a tragic ending. When I finally grew wings, I flew my novel off to every publishing company on my host plant – and all … Continue reading

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Butterfly Backpack by Jocelyn Moore

Emerging from its self-spun grave, a Lazarus called forth. It feels the breeze of warming air; adventure speaks, “Go north!” As wet wings dry their crinkled folds, preparing for first flight, And life moves in its tiny cells, it orients … Continue reading

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Butterflies and Dragonflies by Deb Hoffmann

Dragonflies are racing all around my bed, Carrying my documents that may never be read. Come back, come back you colorful bugs, Just drop them nicely on my rugs. I promise no impatience, ever-more, Just please drop my texts on … Continue reading

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