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Poetry Reading at Fuer Dich

The written word, what can be better?  Actually, the spoken word is close to our hearts as well.  Hearing the author’s voice, her inflections, her pauses, the rise and fall of her soul soaring on the message within her words, … Continue reading

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Goodbye Zurich Harbor Crane by Deborah Hoffmann

Zurich Harbor Crane BACKGROUND: The highly controversial Public Art Project was begun in in 2011!  The discussions went on and on, but it was finally approved by the Mayor and her councilors.  The anti-crane group continually attempted to ban it, … Continue reading

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Communal Story # 3 September 2011

How do I keep sunshine in my heart, regardless of the weather outside?  What would my mother tell me? She would definitely say, “My darling, don’t you remember what your great, great grandmother Norifa always said?” “Honey, you just paint … Continue reading

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