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Twelve Questions for Monsters by Debra Danz

Five o’clock in the morning is a ridiculous hour for my alarm clock to go off, but it does and I unwillingly obey the command, swearing to get a new ringtone sometime soon! Thankfully there are only six steps from … Continue reading

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The Final Bloom by Wendy De Feydeau

I hit the steering wheel of my car with my hand; hard! Life is so unfair! My mother, my mentor, my friend was disappearing into the nebulous world of dementia; her mind slipping and sliding down an irreversible slope into … Continue reading

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Control Fahrt by Jena Griffiths

Control Fahrt Sometimes the German language makes me smile. Take the word ‘fahrt’ for example which means ‘drive’. It’s pronounced exactly the same as its lower class English brother, and this puts a new swing on everything, particularly the meaning … Continue reading

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