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Basel Switzerland, The Historical Church of the Barefoot Monks by Deborah Hoffmann

The Barfusserkirche & the Mysterious Grave This fine old church has a long history dating back to the 11th Century at the time when the City Walls were being built by Bishop Burkhardt to protect the town. Still many townspeople … Continue reading

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In The Dark Night by Deborah Hoffmann

  IN THE DARK NIGHT We hear the lapping water; our fear is palpable. Three hundred of us, she was thinking helplessly, and the one beside me, so big, she will surely give birth soon on this rocking boat.  Shivering … Continue reading

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Bhutan Friendships by Deb Hoffmann

A Friendship with Bhutan When my brother Lincoln and I grew up, we moved throughout the world. As children of an American diplomat, we lived on three continents and learned to appreciate people from other cultures. In 2010, I hosted a delightful young … Continue reading

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