Writing Women of Zurich

This blog began quite simply – women gathering at the American Womens Club of Zurich to share writing ideas and samples. We all had a common goal: to become a better writer, blogger, author, poet, etc. Under the tutelage of Ellen Magee, writer extraordinare, the informal gatherings evolved into meaningful, heartfelt fun fests as novice and experienced writers shared their innermost thoughts and stories with each another. The group became a safe spot to run an idea up the flagpole without fear of critical or stifling feedback. It was, in essence, a place of home in a foreign land.
All expatriate communities experience the continual influx and departure of members. Sometimes these connections are maintained when we move to other pastures or new assignments. Often when we return to our previous endeavors, we don’t have time to continue our relationships due to new demands or time constraints. Or, it could be a need for comfort and help from other expatriates is no longer primary. And so, these relationships and chapters of our life end.
In the case of our womens writing group, the members living in Zurich as well as those who have moved and are residing in other lands, have remained together through our mutual bond of writing and personal expression. Though this blog is centered on the core group in Zurich, the input of our members who live throughout the world is welcomed and encouraged.
Either way, it’s not an external place that makes one a writer. It’s an internal place in our heart where spirit and thoughts flow from and make their expression in the world….

About Writing Women of Zurich

A community of international writing women sharing our work, feedback and encouragement! We are all ages, many nationalities, have lived and worked around the globe and share a passion for the written word. Our stories, triumphs, sorrows, successes and loses are shared here.
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2 Responses to Writing Women of Zurich

  1. I’m so glad to see the website is up! Looks great, and I’m looking forward to reading more.

    • Ellen says:

      Thanks Kathy- we’re really just carrying on with what you started so I guess it’s all circular!



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