Goodbye Zurich Harbor Crane by Deborah Hoffmann

Zurich Harbor Crane


The highly controversial Public Art Project was begun in in 2011!  The discussions went on and on, but it was finally approved by the Mayor and her councilors.  The anti-crane group continually attempted to ban it, without success.

A crane was found in Rostock Germany.  A fine rusty example built in 1963, thirty meters high and 90 tons in weight.  It was bought and shipped to Zurich at a cost of -$680,000. Meanwhile, the media speculates that it really will cost much more. There was also pre-installation to fortify the banks of the Limmat where the monster would sit.  Installation took place in April 2014. I took my great grandson to watch, at 7 years of age he could not believe what he saw!   The crane will be removed and scrapped early in 2015 for many $$$, hopefully.

The café beside the crane has done a booming business and a ships horn installed at the base of one of the cathedral spires, startles as it booms loudly  every week!



I am all alone, and have no home.

On these cold nights, no one knows my plight.

The creaking and jangles keep my heart in tangles.

Woe, Rostock thought me so blessed, they never would have guessed.

Some love me, some hate me, they laugh and some kick me.

All my tears just add to my rust, there is no one left to trust.

In this disagreeable city, there is no pity.

An end this pain…………………… Goodbye




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