Goodbye Ellen and Godspeed!

Ellen Marie Magee, group leader/guru/champion of new writers, is off to pursue new adventures and further development of her own unique writing skills.  The Writing Women of Zurich members celebrated her four years of service as our volunteer leader in the February 2015 meeting.  Ellen, you will be missed!!  Good luck from one and all!

Left to right: Jocelyn Moore, Margery Schib, Jena Griffiths, Kim Wolfe, Claudia Walder, Ellen Marie Magee, Wendy de Feydeau, Deb Hoffman, Mary Seidler and Nicky Hodges.


About Writing Women of Zurich

A community of international writing women sharing our work, feedback and encouragement! We are all ages, many nationalities, have lived and worked around the globe and share a passion for the written word. Our stories, triumphs, sorrows, successes and loses are shared here.
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