Dragonfly Robbery by Deb Hoffmann

Dragonfly Clip art
Here I am all ready to write, when all of a sudden my page is filled with colorful butterflies turning weirdly into a smear of cyber-color…..then nothing happens and my mouse goes to sleep and everything is blocked, and after 2 glasses of wine…. Help! It is Friday night and everyone is out on the town but me.

I close the laptop and hold the off button until it finally goes to sleep.

And so do I, into a colorful nightmare…………………..

Dragonflies are racing all around my bed,

Carrying my documents that may never be read.

Come back, come back you colorful bugs,

Just drop them nicely on my rugs.

I promise.. no impatience, ever-more,

Just please drop my texts on the floor!

But no, you raced to permanent delete,

What were you thinking, for the love of PETE?

By morning all was gone…. way back to 2011!

They had their fun but they’ll never get to heaven!

They were swallowed by 5 frogs for a gourmet delight!

The dragonfly robbery cleaned me out in the night!

My computer by morning was a sad empty sight.



Special thanks to http://www.learnaboutnature.com for sharing the dragonfly clipart.

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