BALLAD OF BAHA’U’LLAH By Daniela Agostini

(Note from Daniela: Baha’u’llah is the Prophet Founder of the Bahai Faith)


Bahà`u`llàh was born Nov 12, 1817 into a Persian clan

No teacher could teach him God`s plan


One night Bahà`u`llàh`s  father had a dream

His son swam in the ocean at the head of a team


Fish followed holding to his hair strands

As he led schools unimpeded to many lands


When the boy grew the shah offered him a high position

But Bahà`u`llàh`s aim was : “heal the sick and with justice fight imposition”


At 27 the Bab, a new messenger of God gave Bahà`u`llàh a scroll

The Bab was preparing  people for one foretold by many a holy soul.


Bahà`u`llàh said this Bab speaks the Truth, he clearly can

This Bab speaks from God so we`ll follow this man.


The police said Bab, your Truth is just spam

I`m going to jail the people that follow your plan



So Bahà`u`llàh  and the Bab became leaders to persecute

In 1852 Bahà`u`llàh is sent to prison down a very dark chute.


In Tihran, the chain around his neck

Would have made any other man a wreck


While in prison the maid of Heaven came to say

Bahà`u`llàh you are the light of this day!


You are the promised one, the Prophets of old foresaw

From Darkness you will illumine a new Law.


After months  imprisoned Baha`u`llah is banished

He and his family arrive in Bagdad famished


In Bagdad, Bahà`u`llàhs word spread in every direction

Because the times were fierce and the people needed protection.


His followers came from far to seek his counsel

Again the shah said “be gone you scoundrel”



In April 1863 before  leaving Bagdad

Bahà`u`llàh spent 12 days outside the city a bit sad


The people came to the garden to say good bye

He announced:”I am the manifestation of God  from  on high”


Then the festival of Ridvan began

Declaring Bahà`u`llàh  and his all encompassing plan


From 21 April to 2nd of May

We celebrate Ridvan to this very day!


Bahà`u`llàh is now sent to Constantinople

Then later he is banished to Adrianople


A prisoner in Exile, he asks for wars to ceise

And pleaded for the most great peace!


Again, he becomes famous and to Akka he is sent

That is where the most great prisoners  – repent



The conditions in Akka were the worst of the worst

So Bahà`u`llàh`s followers came to comfort the man that was their first


From this confinement he wrote the Bahai Book of Laws

This Kitabi-Aqdas gave his critics – pause


To the disenfranchised his teachings brought reconnection

And to the fragmented people he taught reunification


In May 1892 Bahà`u`llàh passed on and rests in Bahji

It is the most holy spot on earth to see.


Akka and Haifa are the heart and mortar

On which Bahais usher in a new world order


From this new world order humanity resounds

From there true prosperity for everyone abounds…!



BIO:  After residing in Oregon, USA for over 30 years, Daniela returned to Switzerland in 2014 to live full time.  Currently retired and working on her memoir, she has two grown daughters in the USA whom she tries to see often. She enjoys long walks in the beautiful Swiss countryside and living a quiet life with her sister.

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