Great job Debs!!!
The Bookends Review recently published Debra Danz’s short story, Boxes in Heaven.
Debs relates that she submitted the story to five publishers before it found a home with The Bookends Review.  And this is an important takeaway of Debs sharing her writing journey:  some publishers will “get” our writing style, our unique voice  and some won’t.  Just as we find one author more to our liking than another, so do publishing houses and writing contests. We need to find those with whom we are simpatico, the yin to our yang so to speak.  A non-acceptance (not rejection) letter only means our writing landed in an incompatible in-box.
Good going Debs for believing in your story and being confident enough to try a different avenue!!  Your comments encourage other writers looking for publication outlets.  And now for the best part, Debs has provided the link to her moving tale.  Take a read but be prepared for your breath to catch in your throat…
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In The Dark Night by Deborah Hoffmann



We hear the lapping water; our fear is palpable.

Three hundred of us, she was thinking helplessly, and the one beside me, so big, she will surely give birth soon on this rocking boat.  Shivering we stand holding onto each other because there is no other space, each buried deep in our thoughts.   All of us fleeing our homelands, our culture, our deepest beliefs.

It is no wonder we are silent and fearful, when deep down we feel like traitors but we must escape the terror we left behind. Will we survive this treacherous voyage into the unknown? We have given our last pennies to get on this boat, so we have only our hopes and prayers left.

For a better life, safety, work and some kind people who will help us and please give us some food and water.  Oooh, this poor woman her pains have begun; how will she survive with a baby.  Hopefully a strong one like the mother.

We come from different lands and don’t even speak the same language, but I think we all pray to our Gods.  Oh ALLAH, we have come so far.   

Please, Please have mercy on us…………………….…Inshallah

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Waste Places by Ellen Marie Magee

The decision to be perfect,

should not be lightly taken,

For in order, form and function,

often whimsy is forsaken,


A heap, a clump, a rogue-ish  pile,

or any wayward place,

with golden hues and cornflower blues,

which reclaim unwanted space,


Sings a song more eloquent,

than any opus grand ,

In nature’s own arrangement,

beyond what we have planned.


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