PERCEPTION Audio Book Links (Author: Terri Fleming)

Did I mention that Terri Fleming’s new novel, PERCEPTION, is also available as an audio book?  Read by famous British actress Lucy Scott who portrayed Charlotte Lucas (photo attached to help those of us with aging memories) in the original BBC production of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth, PERCEPTION is brought to life in Ms. Scott’s terrific ten hour and twenty-three minute recording.

The iTUNES link to download PERCEPTION and read in iBooks on your mac or iOS device is below:

BTW, the iTUNES description really rocked so I stole, uh, uh, borrowed a bit of their text to whet your appetite.  You can read the iTUNES PERCEPTION excerpt below:

One wealthy bachelor. Two Bennet sisters lacking prospects. Can either defy expectations?

Mary Bennet does not dream of marriage. Much to her mother’s horror, Mary is determined not to follow in the footsteps of her elder sisters, Jane (now Mrs. Bingley) and Lizzy (now Mrs. Darcy). Living at home with her remaining sister, Kitty, and her parents, Mary does not care for fashions or flattery. Her hopes are simple – a roof over her head, music at the piano, a book in her hand and the freedom not to marry the first bachelor her mother can snare for her.

But Mrs. Bennet is not accustomed to listening to her daughters…

ME: (HA, now THAT’S an understatement.)

I’ll post more information on the audio link on AUDIBLE later. You can also find more information on Terri’s website,

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PERCEPTION by Terri Fleming

Not to brag too much, BUT, Writing Women of Zurich predicted in a September 2016 post that Terri Fleming’s novel, PERCEPTION, would be a big hit.  Now, that was a prescient posting…

The Orion Publishing Group, one of the UK’s leading publishers, published Terri’s novel to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death.  PERCEPTION follows the fortunes of the two lesser known, unmarried Bennet sisters, quiet, bookish Mary and fun-loving Kitty. The story of the sisters, immortalized in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, is set several years after the events of the original novel.

PERCEPTION is available through several outlets including  (where it earned top ratings by the way.…)

ALSO: and several audio recordings as well.

More information can be found on Terri’s website:

Gracious as ever, Terri gives credit to her fellow writing partners in Writing Women of Zurich and notes the groups encouragement led to the completion of her novel.  Way to go, Terri!


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Great job Debs!!!
The Bookends Review recently published Debra Danz’s short story, Boxes in Heaven.
Debs relates that she submitted the story to five publishers before it found a home with The Bookends Review.  And this is an important takeaway of Debs sharing her writing journey:  some publishers will “get” our writing style, our unique voice  and some won’t.  Just as we find one author more to our liking than another, so do publishing houses and writing contests. We need to find those with whom we are simpatico, the yin to our yang so to speak.  A non-acceptance (not rejection) letter only means our writing landed in an incompatible in-box.
Good going Debs for believing in your story and being confident enough to try a different avenue!!  Your comments encourage other writers looking for publication outlets.  And now for the best part, Debs has provided the link to her moving tale.  Take a read but be prepared for your breath to catch in your throat…
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